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Продукция » arium® 61316 (61316070F05M1A, с танком 70 л)
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arium® 61316 (61316070F05M1A, с танком 70 л)

Product attributes

Tank Volume 70 l
Position Benchtop
Pack size 1

Ambiant Temperature & Humidity

Storage 5°C - 45°C, 80% relative humidity non condensing

Inlet Feed Requirements

Feed water source Potable tap water feed only (feed water to meet drinking water standards of the U.S. EPA, European Union or Japan)
Free Chlorine 0.1 ppm
Iron (Total as Fe) < 0.1 ppm
Minimum inlet pressure 1 bar
Silt density index < 5%
TDS (max ppm CaCO3) 360
Turbidity < 1 N.T.U.

Product Water Quality

Maximum recovery rate Approx. 55% (depends on feed water quality and temperature)
Reject flow (depending on feed water quality and temperature) 11-12 l/h
Rejection rate of dissolved organics (>300 MW) > 99%
Rejection rate of microorganisms > 99%
Rejection rate of monovalent ions Up to 98%
Rejection rate of particles > 99%
Rejection rate of polyvalent ions Up to 99%

General specifications

Electr. connections 100-240 V AC 50-60 Hz single phase
Maximum Inlet Pressure 6,8 bar

The compact arium® RO 61316 laboratory water purification system is designed to produce RO-Water for general laboratory applications. With production volumes up to 16 l/h and up to 99% rejection rate of ions, bacteria, organics and viruses, automated RO-membrane back-flushing, and a constant flow rate, the arium® 61316 is the ideal choice for daily laboratory applications. The efficient RO-membranes reduce water wastage and provide excellent product water quality, whilst ensuring high retention rates of the water impurities. By the use of an optional closed pressurized tank (30, 70, 100 litre) the RO product water will be distributed with up to 3,5 bar to the point of use. This unique feature provides a pressurized product-water flow for all your lab applications. There is no need for an additional distribution pump.

  • Four line alphanumerical display
  • Electronic features for data saving and display
  • Cost saving technologies

Display and menu functions

The large, understandable, easy-to-read display with its intuitively operated keypad lets you retrieve important information and data fast.
The compact design and the flexible, height adjustable display allows the system to be used on the bench top, mounted on the wall or under bench system.
  • Displays product and feed water quality
  • Rejection rate of RO modules
  • Tank-level
  • Temperature

Electronic features for data saving and display

The system has a RS 232 serial interface to send data to a printer and PLC interface for external communication.

Cost saving technologies

The combination of different technologies in the arium® 61316 system guarantees a constant water quality and inexpensive supply of pure water. These powerful RO membranes reduce loss of water, ensure excellent quality of the purified water and a high retention rate of the constituents in the raw water. The pretreatment cartridge removes free chlorine and particulate matter from the system's feed water to protect the RO membranes located downstream.
  • Automatic RO-membrane-back-flush with RO-permeate to protect the modules from scaling
  • Easy to change pre-treatment cartridge and RO-modules

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